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NFL Philanthropist's Beauty Line Takes Flight

Joan Sloan knows a thing or two about flexibility and hard work. As a child, she knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur. Her father’s work ethic and success—he owned several convenient stores and was the Sherriff of their county—made a great impact in her life.

As an NFL philanthropist, she has supported several organizations. Oprah’s Angel Network, the NFL Wives Association, Boys and Girls Club of America, Make a Wish Foundation, Teri Inc., (children with autism), Habitat for Humanity, various shelters for battered women, and other charitable organizations.

She also spearheaded and was the president and co-founder of the John and Joan Jackson Foundation, a nonprofit in Ohio and California, which funded college scholarships and provided laptop computers for youth.

As the former wife of retired NFL player John Jackson, an offensive tackle with the Pittsburgh Steelers, San Diego Chargers, and Cincinnati Bengals, her colorful career path and years of traveling the world afforded her to experience the finer things in life and pursue many dreams.

During her years as an NFL wife, she fulfilled a dream and a passion by opening one of the largest Salon and Day Spas in San Diego, California. Sloan states, “One of my passions is to make women feel beautiful. But this is also my ministry.”

Years later, an unexpected life-changing event would change the trajectory of her life. After deep self-reflection, re-locating and re-claiming her name, she re-entered the world as a more confident, focused, and unstoppable woman, radiating power and purpose.

Determined to share her story, she penned “The Playbook of Life” to help women transform their lives. This prompted her to become a Life Coach to help women navigate through divorce and custody coaching.

Eventually, her love of travel and beauty would collide. Years of traveling inspired her to pivot and become a flight attendant for an international airline. Understanding the assignment, J. Sloan was birthed. A beauty line for women of all ages representing the emerging beauty trends and the remarkable people, women, and events she experienced throughout her journey.

J. Sloan also has merchandise with a message. T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and more display a choice of the company name or the word PUSH, which stands for PUSH UP STRATEGICALLY HARD! The message is personal to Sloan. “Pushing hard and being strategic is how I’ve made it through all these years!”

A successful entrepreneur and a survivor, Sloan is the epitome of tenacity and strength. I had a candid conversation with her about her emerging beauty business. Check out our Q&A session below:

Q. How do you manage time for both careers?

I have a wonderful career as a flight attendant with an international airline. Because of my flexible schedule, I’m able to manage flying and being an entrepreneur. I design and do makeup artistry by appointment when I’m not scheduled for flights, and the beauty business is a fluid e-commerce business. So, whether I am home or traveling if I have my laptop, I can still be productive.

Q. Why was founding J. Sloan important to you?

I’ve always had a passion to help women feel beautiful, and I believe makeup can give you a boost and help you feel beautiful from the inside out! The beauty industry has come full circle for me. Fourteen years ago, I owned and operated one of the largest salon and day spas in San Diego, California. I had my own branded makeup line. My customers would purchase lipsticks and foundations customized to their skin tones and undertones. Looking back, beauty has always been my ministry.

Q. What motivated you to create J. Sloan despite the vast selection of cosmetics on the market?

Well, there is no wrong time to launch a beauty line because there will always be a need for products. The industry is booming! The industry will always make room for personal brands and innovative products. But this time, it’s not about me. God is my CEO! I have an assignment, so I haven’t thought about competition. I understand and fully recognize the vast selection of cosmetics and big names that have attracted the masses, but I have a mission to accomplish by sharing my beauty tips and products accompanied with inspiration through the word of God.

Q. Was it difficult to accomplish the launch of your line?

I birthed the assignment in August 2019. In March 2020, when the pandemic hit our country suddenly, COVID-19 put the world on pause. After a little while, I was flying across the country again, but I had enough time to execute my plan. It was seamless and clear, especially when my CEO, aka God, was involved. Therefore, everything I envisioned manifested!

Q. Please share with us what you take into consideration when creating new products?

It’s about the details for me. The first thing is to “identify what you want.” That’s the most important aspect of learning how to start a makeup line. Then, focus on delivering just one great product. Do your research on recent brands and how they show up in the ads and social media. Take some time and familiarize yourself with the industry and think about what you love the most about the products you want to brand. Make sure you choose a high-end private label company because you must be proud to put your name on it. Your reputation means a lot in this world.

Q. What will women like most about J. Sloan Beauty?

People distinguish products from the person in front of the brand. I am genuinely interested in making women shine brighter and be beautiful. As I stated, it’s my assignment. Plus, after wearing my makeup, you’ll notice that the pigment and creamy texture stay intact, giving you confidence throughout the day.

Q. Why did you launch your line with lip products?

I love lipsticks, lip-glosses, lip balms, lip pencils, etc.! With my experience as a salon and day spa owner, I know that a brand that launches with too many beauty products has a greater risk of failure than a brand that focuses on delivering just one great product at a time.

Q. Are you adding other products?

Absolutely! I plan to launch a full makeup line in phases. I started with lipstick and gloss because I think women’s lips are the most distinguishing characteristic. Our lips help form the words that we speak throughout the day. I want women to be smart about what they say and intentional in their words. Your lips help to speak destruction or LIFE.

Q. Do you have your personal favorites among your products?

Yes, but no! I love everything! Well, without hesitation, I can say that I love the Xtreme matte lipsticks because of the creamy texture, full coverage, and long wear I experience without all the wet shine. Also, the Xtreme Matte has antioxidants, vitamin E and contains natural vanilla extract. As a flight attendant, I don’t have time between flights to keep applying makeup all day. Especially when wearing a mask! However, I wear a mask where you can see my lips. My lips spark conversation and I’m often asked, “how do you get those red lips to gleam through the clear section of that mask?” I’m my walking advertisement.

Q. What lies in J. Sloan’s near future?

A global women’s ministry with some of the inspiration gleaned from helping women know their worth.

Q. Did you ever think you would create a beauty line?

In my soul, I have always known that I would create one. I had a beauty line at one time, but not to the extent of what J. Sloan is now moving toward.

Q. Who is J. Sloan Beauty for?

I am very proud to say that I created this makeup line for women over 40. I wanted the colors to be mature but edgy! The no-makeup/makeup look is my favorite – the dewy and fresh look. But I think women in this category should have the option to BUMP it up by applying a bright color on their eyes and adding an ombre lip! Yesss! It gives you confidence and brightens up the rest of your day!

Q. Who does J. Sloan Beauty speak to?

It speaks to women who dare to be beautiful and who are afraid to be beautiful.

Q. How did you come up with lipstick names like Ruby Ruby, Queenie, Buh Bye, and Revenge? And what do they convey?

A makeup design team, who did a ton of research, designed the names. They base the names on words that are part of a color expression. For example, Queenie is a rich red color that will make a woman feel like a queen when she wears it!

Q. What do you see as the future of beauty?

Efficiency in the application of makeup. Virtual mirrors that tell you how to apply makeup! We have all seen the social media videos where makeup transforms a person, and virtual mirrors or a mirror that assists you with makeup application would be revolutionary. I also see more innovative enhancements in the cosmetic surgery world. Of course, some may see that for good or bad.

Q. Any last words for our readers?

I’d love to share a beautiful quote from a recent online search. It states, “Beauty that grows from a life of giving of yourself and others will glow in your eyes and shine from your face.”

For more information, please visit J. Sloan Beauty.



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