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eu melanin | \ (')vü-'me-la-nan\

EUMELANIN is a fashion brand crafted with intention to celebrate the beauty in all shades of melanated skin. The EUMELANIN color palette is inspired by the diverse range of black and brown skin tones, and we bring these colors to the forefront of our designs in order to celebrate and empower people of color around the world. Our mission is to address issues of colorism and redefine what it means to be beautiful in every shade.

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About Deirdre Roberson

Deirdre Roberson is a Chemist and a Fashion Designer. 

EUMELANIN is a fashion brand that merges her scientific and creative side. She wanted to use her talents and life experiences to address issues of colorism that she's faced in her community that also exists around the world. She started a brand because she believe fashion can use its powers for good and be a vehicle to send an important message that all shades of skin are beautiful, and all shades should be celebrated. Especially those shades that fashion, beauty, media and society deem unworthy every single day.

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