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Lena Byrd Miles Talks New Song, DMX, and 6K Plus Overnight IG Followers

Contemporary gospel artist Lena Byrd Miles recently released her new single and accompanying video “Watch Me,” via My Block Inc. “Watch Me” heralds her anxiously awaited debut album, due for release in 2021.

An effortless yet powerful song that encapsulates conviction, hope, and faith, Miles says, “the response and the anticipation for ‘Watch Me’ is greater than my debut single.”

Although her first single, “This Is the Day” expanded her audience, her affiliation with My Block Inc, and that her new song features background vocals by multi-award-winning producer and My Block Inc. President, Warryn Campbell, multi-award-winning Erica Campbell, their daughter Krista, and the talented Myron Butler, heightened curiosity within the music industry, and with Miles’ fans.

Co-written by Miles and Warryn Campbell, produced by Campbell, and co-produced by Michael Bereal, the single offers a powerful lyrical message that floats over changes of traditional gospel and jazz vibes sprinkled with a hint of R&B.

According to Miles, “the message of the song is watching God with great anticipation of Him making life better for us however He sees fit to do so.”

Singing across the country in churches comes naturally however, recently all eyes around the world were on Miles when she sang at the home-going celebration for DMX as part of Kanye West’s Sunday Service choir.

She sang lead on the cover of The Clark Sisters “You Brought the Sunshine.” Not only did she bring the sunshine, she brought people to their feet, had men crying, and gained notoriety from hip-hop greats, but more importantly, she gave God the glory.

“If I’m singing in front of 50 people or 50,000, I want to make sure I glorify God as best as possible.”

In an interview with Erica Campbell on Get Up! Mornings, Miles talks about the DMX home going experience.

“I was so nervous I got on stage and had my back turned to the audience,” she laughs. “The choir director Jason White had to tell me to face the audience… It was fun, exciting, and a lot of pressure but a significant experience.”

After her stellar performance at DMX’s service, Miles woke up to 6K plus new followers on Instagram. “It blew me away, and I just smiled like WOW! I woke up and noticed Ledisi, Tamar Braxton, Dondre T Whitfield, Derek Watkins aka Fonzworth Bentley had followed me, and many more.”

She adds, “Some of them even reposted the clip from the service of me singing and reached out to me in my direct messages. That was a pretty awesome Sunday flying home reading all the messages/reposts/captions/love shown.”

Some say social media is a blessing and a curse. For Miles, social media has been a blessing.

Posting on IG is where Warryn Campbell noticed her vocal style which led to inking a deal with his label (My Block Inc.) and joining the roster with artists such as multiple-award-winning duo Mary Mary, Erica Campbell, JoiStaRR, rising star Jason McGee and the Choir, and superb vocalist Jason Champion.

“Artists like Lena Byrd Miles aren’t born every day,” says Campbell. “She is very special, and her gift is absolutely supernatural. ‘Watch Me’ is impactful on impact. One listen and you’ll fall in love with the girl with three names; Lena Byrd Miles.”

Miles advises aspiring artists,

If you are trying to be discovered on social media, make sure your pages are public so people can see what you are doing and who you are as a person. Be confident and true to the gifts and talents God gave you and they will make room for you.

A wife, daughter, sister, friend, and licensed hairstylist who has an exceptional ability to connect with people, she is a natural-born comedian who loves to laugh. Sincere and passionate about her ministry, music, and its delivery, Lena Byrd Miles is one to watch.

Connect with Lena on all social media platforms @lenabyrdmiles. “Watch Me” is available on all digital platforms. Click HERE to view the “Watch Me” video.

This article was first published on I AM QUEEN Magazine.


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