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Hairstylist & Influencer Tracci Johnson Shares Journey of Deliverance with Dangerous Mistrust

Webster’s dictionary defines resilient as a person able to withstand or recover from hard conditions. Tracci Johnson is one tough cookie. After a tumultuous journey of flawed perceptions, she opened her heart and surrendered to God, rebuilding the shaky foundation built on fear, heartbreak, disappointment, mistrust, and more.

As a widely recognized celebrity hairstylist and influencer, she has impacted the beauty industry and has become a household name for her signature cuts. If the saying, “she got it from her mama,” had a face, Tracci would be the cover girl. Her paternal great, great grandmother made wigs for Madam C. J. Walker’s company; her paternal aunt was a celebrity stylist in the 70s and one of the first African American women to own a salon in Beverly Hills; her maternal grandmother and two of her sisters were stylists and salon owners, and another sister was a barber and pioneered in becoming a female barber shop owner in the state of Texas.

The likes of Brandy, Kelly Price, Jada-Pinkett-Smith, Nia Long, Wendy Raquel Robinson, El Debarge, LL Cool J and business mogul wife, Simone Smith, Kelly Williams, Elise Neal, Natalie Cole, Cicely Tyson, Tisha Campbell, Tichina Arnold, CeCe Winans, Lynn Whitfield, and many others have experienced the Tracci Johnson signature.

Her talents have contributed to ABC’s Extreme Makeover, the Oscars, the Grammy’s®, BET Awards, the NAACP Image Awards, countless films, music videos, and television shows. She has appeared in many publications, such as In Style and Essence, and was chosen as one of the top 10 African American stylists in the country and made the list of the 50 most influential women in the beauty industry.

Behind the chair, God allows her to bring happiness and confidence to many women with her ‘Edward Scissorhands’ gift. However, the pièce de résistance is her gift of ministry. No matter the conversation, she is usually led to share a positive word or a scripture before a client exits her chair.

“My salons have always been a place of solace for many women. Although my job as a hairstylist is to beautify women on the outside, my calling is to edify from within. I know when a client is hurting or needs a hug or a good scripture to keep them going. I would be remiss if I did not share what the holy spirit put on my heart.”

She’s toured the world, styled top celebrities, and owned and operated popular salons in the heart of Hollywood, California—Eclipse Salon and now Legacci by Tracci.

Although successful in business, her private life, as she states, “was a total failure.” She appeared to have it all. But what many did not know is there was a storm brewing inside of her. A powerful disturbance that stemmed from a toxic relationship with her father that shaped her thoughts and thwarted her perspective of self and God. The façade of success had obscured her true happiness.

The total of her worth was wrapped up in her public image, but privately her life was punctured with a threatening darkness, brokenness, bitterness, unforgiveness, self-loathing, pretense, and a constant feeling of being inadequate. She lived with the fear of losing her ability to project the confident person she presented to the world.

After a life of imitating happiness and fine-tuning, she now values authenticity, and allows access to some of her most private situations in a candid attempt to help others.

As an author, she bares it all and rewrites her story based on the truth of God’s word in her new book, Dangerous Mistrust. Sharing how she got the better of insecurities, fear, divorce, and heartbreak; how she forgave and rid herself of bitterness; and how she dug deep and charted a new way forward,

“I’ve always known Tracci to be a very compassionate and introspective woman,” states Shaun Robinson (Access Hollywood and 90 Day Fiancé́). “In Dangerous Mistrust, she can passionately articulate the wisdom she has developed from her life’s experiences in a way that is beneficial to others. She writes with a level of transparency that will challenge her readers to do the type of self-examination that is truly transformative.”

Her book will encourage and motivate you to ditch the pretense and live authentically; and discover how to cultivate feelings of acceptance, love for self, and self-worth. Also, it will encourage you to conquer negative self-talk and limiting beliefs to realize that you have a rightful place in the kingdom of God.

A powerful excerpt from the book’s forward reads, “She takes the reader on a journey through the battlefield of love and bears her heart as a wounded warrior turned healer who wears her scars and bruises as trophies of triumph.”

An astute businesswoman who never considered herself a writer but absorbs life’s lessons and possesses an uncanny discernment was suddenly thrown into an experience that only God could have arranged. So, you might ask, how did this book come to fruition? Johnson explains, “God gave me the idea to write my book,” she says. “I sensed God’s revelation that all the trials, pain, and heartaches I’ve experienced (mostly caused by me) were not just for my spiritual growth or to draw me closer to Him but to encourage someone else to trust God a little more and avoid some mistakes I’ve made. I could have easily overlooked this revelation, but one night, God woke me up!”

I had a moment to sit down with Tracci to discuss Dangerous Mistrust.

Q. What would you like the reader to take away after reading your book?

A. The importance of self-discovery as it relates to your worth, an assessment of the source of your sense of worth, and a well-defined knowledge of whose report you should choose to believe about your worth.

Q. What is the objective of your book?

A. Short term: To share my experiences, which may resonate with others and encourage them to examine themselves more closely. Long term: To challenge others to seek the appropriate help to not only act better but to be better; for themselves, their loved ones, and for the Kingdom of God.

Q. What advice would you give women who are in a dangerous place mentally, emotionally, and spiritually?

A. First, seek God with all your heart. Develop a genuine relationship with Him so you can discern His voice more clearly. Ask Him to give you the desires that He wants you to have. Sometimes we get discouraged wanting something that God doesn’t want for us. Then seek counseling. And last, keep a journal to clarify the direction you want to go, and changes you want to make.

Q. What are you most passionate about? What do you care deeply about? Why?

A. I care deeply about the many lives that are shattered by unaddressed childhood trauma, abuse, and disappointment, and the many people who fail to seek help when they know they have problems.

I am passionate about the need to address trauma in whatever form, so that wounded people won’t inflict their pain on others. So many “good” people live “bad” lives because their unaddressed trauma torments them. They exposed their spouses and their children to toxicity that should have been dealt with before bringing someone else into their dark place. According to the divorce rate, it is an epidemic, not just in the world, but in the Church. We pass the dysfunction from one generation to the next because people won’t deal with their “stuff”. It’s selfish and just plain unfair to those who suffer for problems they didn’t create.

Tracci Johnson’s journey of deliverance is encouraging, liberating, and inspiring. She realizes she can do nothing without God. She stresses, “There is no time like the present to pursue your purpose and live the fulfilling life you deserve.”

Dangerous Mistrust is available at (

For more information about Tracci, visit




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