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Veteran publicist and communications strategist Phyllis Caddell reveals her tricks of the trade for those who need quality PR but are on a shoestring budget in Do-It-Yourself Publicity for Those Too Cheap or Too Broke to Hire Publicist. The book contains proven strategies to build a brand and represent oneself and others for maximum exposure.


It is packed with valuable information for DIY-publicists, including developing a brand, identifying a target media audience, ways to build instant credibility for your business, the power of storytelling, and offers insider tips, and templates you can use to attract media, clients, and heighten online visibility.


She shares examples of successful campaigns and provides chapter takeaways that recap the main points.


Overall, readers will obtain a roadmap for success and the confidence to embark on their own PR



This is a physical book and will be available in September 2022.

PR Teachable Moments

  • Whether you retain a PR firm to implement public relations for your business or event, or do it all in-house, effective public relations requires making decisions that fall within appropriate ethical and legal margins.

    PR Teachable Moments, inspired from the Will Smith and Chris Rock Oscar debacle is filled with ethical communication scenarios, strategies, and solutions to use for your brand. The reader will learn the dos and don’ts and actions related to legal and ethical principles in the PR and strategic communication profession.

    Packed with valuable information, readers will also learn about ethical cultures in business, mixed messages, crisis management strategies, code of ethics, key messages, copyright ethics, crisis communication strategies, crisis response strategies, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and diversity and inclusion.


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