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Driven by challenges and motivated by results, PCPR is a boutique communications consulting agency whose main focus is to ensure that our client's target audience is aware of, understands, and, most importantly, values their product or service.  We are storytellers who aid and direct our clients with campaigns to drive the understanding and delivery of their value proposition.  We help push beyond comfort zones to deliver quality results and spark engagement with consumers, fans, influencers, and brand ambassadors. Whether you're an entertainer, designer, lifestyle expert, television property, real estate agent, or broker or a corporate brand, we pride ourselves on giving you a voice that stands out from your competitor.



Our creative concepts, dedication, and years of experience will enhance your brand by increasing awareness and visibility and ultimately driving sales.

In addition to providing select standard services as creating content, press release writing, and editing, we help you create brand personas that encompass your career, philanthropic efforts, business endeavors, and partnerships.  We also work with you to create cross-genre and cross-media communications & PR campaigns that enhance growth, viewership, sales, and market position. 
Your personal brand is how you appear to the world. We help you identify and create the right strategies to keep your brand in the mind of target audiences, i.e., creating websites and blogs, thought leadership, building your online presence, and more!
Whether it's a corporate, non-profit, or entertainment event, we fill your red carpet with celebrities, key tastemakers, hosts, and media outlets that will, in turn, generate awareness, enhance your brand, and be that memorable event to catapult your brand.
Our strategic approach focuses on creating and distributing valuable and consistent content, implementing e-Newsletters and email campaigns, and securing guest-blogger positions to engage with targeted audiences and generate valuable lead information that will ultimately turn your readers into paying customers.
Our DIY PR and Communications sessions discuss everything from developing your PR campaign, getting your brand noticed, compiling and distributing quality press releases to appropriate media outlets, effectively using social media, storytelling, and branding. It will give you the skills that you need to face your target markets with confidence.
Effective and frequent communication in the workplace between colleagues, management, human resources, and the public is crucial.
We design a strategic plan to help you understand the benefits and purpose in order to implement that will express the goals and methods of your organization's outreach activities including what your organization wishes to share with the public and whom your organization is trying to reach.
 We typically analyze the way you use language and the communications channels open to you. We implement a communications audit to help identify what areas can be improved and outline a strategy to implement changes. This may involve changing your messaging, training others to communicate more effectively, and more.

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Building your name recognition is key. We heighten your brand, and facilitate new or enhance ongoing relationships.  We distinguish you from the competition, and generate quality leads by creating thought-leadership products that showcase your expertise by positioning you as the go-to person in your area of expertise through content (blogs, books, e-books, TV), panel positions, guest appearances, and more while simultaneously building a community of those who want to know what you know. 

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Communications Strategy Workshops



Our number one priority is to help our clients reach their goals by providing results-oriented consultation while serving them with the highest professional level of integrity and honesty. Our goal is to positively impact your image and provide platforms for cross-genre opportunities to increase brand awareness.



Our main objectives: 

• Increase brand awareness  

• Increase credibility

• Create a positive image  

• Raise online awareness

• Establish Thought Leadership positions


Based in Los Angeles, with affiliates in Atlanta, Chicago, Nashville, and New York, PCPR, established in 1995, is a boutique Communications Consulting agency providing PR and strategy services to entertainment, lifestyle, beauty, real estate, and corporate industries. 


Our unique and strategic approach have expanded the brand recognition and attention for our clients and their projects.  We have the knowledge to guide our clients through online channels to gain awareness and create engaging social media content to spark the interest of select audiences.​














Our very first client was actor, Tommy Ford.  You know, the tall, bald guy with the hilarious laugh best known for his role as "Tommy" on the hit FOX sitcom Martin. He was also the fun-loving father on UPN’s comedy, The Parkers and the calm Lieutenant on FOX’s New York Undercover. 

After booking Tommy Ford on the Oprah Winfrey Show and securing features in Black Enterprise, Jet, and Upscale Magazines for faith-based comedian, Broderick E. Rice, our roster began to fill up with faith-based recording artists, inspirational speakers, actors and more!  

Giving back is huge at PCPR.  We have a mentoring program where we hire interns, and we're always ready to give advice to college graduates going into PR.  In addition, the CEO, Phyllis Caddell, hosts PR workshops, and publishes monthly PR blogs for emerging publicist or for those wanting to be a DIY-publicist to promote their own product.




The Blend Talk Show Red Carpet Launch

Grammy® & Dove Nominated Recording Artist,

Dayna Caddell Shares Her Testimony on

CBN's "Turning Point"

Darryl Clack Speaks at 5th Annual Autoimmune Walk in Los Angeles

Professional Golf Instructor
Frederick Ball, Revolutionizes Alignment Training Aid
The Blend Red Carpet show hosts, event h
Celebrities Support The Blend Talk Launch
Former NFL Dallas Cowboy
Darryl Clack Shares Testimony on CBN's "Turning Point"
"Beautiful" Music Video
Producer, Jason White, releases "Beautiful" music video during Women's History Month
Dr Brenda Jefferson
on the red carpet @The Stellar Awards 2018
Rubi Green
On the red carpet @The Stellar Awards 2018
Former Dallas Cowboy
Opens SportMetric: Readies To Release Book Re: TTP and First Stage Dementia
Grammy® Nominated, Dayna Caddell
Releases "PUSH" and discusses her Autoimmune illness journey on CBN's 'Turning Point International.'
The Hollywood Confidential
Presented by Brand Maverick Entertainment president Steven Jones welcome Brandy, Meagan Good and Tichina Arnold.
Total Momentum Productions
Ceasar Richbow & Mike Robinson Prepare to Release Family Friendly Films
Stan Foster's "Preacher's Kid"
Live stage play @ Fox Theatre
Joy Rohadfox
Featured in ATL Business Chronicle
Atlanta-Based Producers
Talk Creating Jobs and Funding Quality Projects
Joan Jackson & Roland Martin
discuss Ray Rice and why battered women stay...
CBN Interviews Ami Rushes
Ami Rushes shares her testimony with "Turning Point International" viewers.
Employment Law Expert
Angela Reddock-Wright interviews w/Maggie Linton on Sirius Radio
Soul Singer, Tim Terry
Interviews w/Maggie Linton on Sirius Radio
Michelle Williams
PCPR lands spokesperson position for Destiny's Child, Michelle Williams, with TERI, Inc.
NBA Veteran Theo Ratliff
Inks Film Production Deal with Tammy Williams' Open Rivers Pictures
Mary Mary
In 2002 PCPR helped launch, "Thankful," the debut album from sister duo, Mary Mary. The firm went on to represent them until 2004.
RCCSC CEO, Dr. Joy Rohadfox
Graces Cover and Featured in American DBE Magazine
Child Actor, Devin Bright
Stars in "Woodlawn" and shares his experience on Good Day Charlotte.
After much convincing from Steve Harvey, Wendy Raquel Robinson signed with PCPR and stayed with the firm for many years.
Spine Surgeon Releases Book
Dr. Roderick Claybrooks authors book series to aid students and parents in school and life.
“DREAMS” is a captivating look inside the journey of four dreamers; a dancer, a singer, an ex-boxer, and a rapper, who are all tied together by life’s most common thread: the past.
Bass Legend, Andrew Gouche'
Talks to Bass Musician Magazine about his new release "We Don't Need No Bass."
Comedian Broderick Rice
An accomplished comedian with close to three decades of experience has graced the pages of magazines such as Upscale, Black Enterprise, Rolling out and more.
Trisha Alicia Signs With New D
Singer, Songwriter and Spoken Word Artist, Trisha Alicia, Releases "Pieces."
Life Coach Joan Jackson
Discusses new book with Fox 5 San Diego's Ali Fedotowsky.
PCPR was hired to create awareness in the faith-based community for The Fighting Temptations.
Actor Tommy Ford (1964-2016)
Tommy Ford was PCPR's first client. An accomplished actor, director, and producer who will forever be missed.
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The Blend Talk Show Launch


Our Business Motto: "If we don't ask, we'll never know."  We ask.  We get results!  

DEVIN BRIGHT Talks "Woodlawn"
The movie, on Charlotte's FOX 46
Bravo's "Watch What Happens Now"
PCPR assisted in securing a guest appearance for celebrity event producer, Diann Valentine
Grammy® & Dove Award
Nominated Songwriter Singer, Dayna Caddell Talks Autoimmune Awareness Month
Our clients have appeared on various CNN programs to discuss various current events.
CBN's Efrem Graham Interviews
Child Actor, Devin Bright regarding "Woodlawn" the film
Our client's have been featured and/or mentioned in issues of People Magazine.
EBONY Magazine
Wendy Raquel Robinson and others have been featured in Ebony!
Some of our award-winning clients have graced the pages of In Style!
We successfully secured a column for spine surgeon, Dr. Claybrooks.
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This blog has covered several of our events!
We love working with the EURWeb team!
We have a longstanding relationship with JET Magazine!
Huffington Post
Some of our clients have been featured in this popular online publication!
News One Now
Roland Martin interviewed our client, Life Coach Joan Jackson, regarding spousal abuse.
Rolling Out features Total Momentum
Ceasar Richbow & Mike Robinson
Upscale Mag
Since 2002, our clients have graced the pages of Upscale Magazine!
Essence Magazine
Essence has supported many of our clients throughout the years!
The Gospel Source
We have secured columns for many of our clients in this blog.
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Whether established or emerging, we're here to help you advance your brand. 

 A few of our current and former clients!

More Clients:









PHYLLIS R. CADDELL, Publicist/Communications Strategist/Author/Ghostwriter/University Content Expert and Adjunct College Instructor 

Born in Los Angeles, California to an entertainment manager/promoter and a legal negotiator,  the creative and corporate worlds were introduced to Phyllis Caddell at an early age. Although she found law very intriguing and thought about following her mother's footsteps, she knew deep down that the entertainment industry, her father's niche, excited her most.


While attending college, she majored in radio and television, but it was an introductory course in PR that caught her attention causing her to change her primary emphasis from broadcasting to public relations.


After working in PR and communications, at several record labels and entertainment companies, Caddell launched Pc Public Relations & Management (PCPR) in 1995 from her bedroom with $500 and prayer. 


She would go on to secure her first client, actor Tommy Ford, and book him as a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show which catapulted her career and identified her as a credible publicist in the industry.


Her hard work would soon get noticed and land the company a feature in Essence Magazine as one of the leading boutique firms successfully bridging the gap between the faith-based and mainstream entertainment industries.


Whether securing clients as national spokespersons, acquiring talent and press for significant events or coordinating red-carpet productions and media tours, she aims high with all endeavors. 


A creative and strategic planner and skilled at identifying potential sources for story ideas, Caddell continues to successfully run a prosperous establishment representing some of the best in the lifestyle, sports, and entertainment industries. 


Moreover, she is the author of “Do It Yourself Publicity: For Those Too Cheap or Too Broke to Hire A Publicist,” and hosts workshops and seminars on PR and strategic communications.


She also is an adjunct online university instructor and content expert and holds an M.A. in Organizational Communications, an M.S. in Internet Marketing, and a B.A in Public Relations. 



"The PCPR team gave me the big break of my career!  Placing me on The Oprah Winfrey Show catapulted my career, and made certain that I remained in the limelight thereafter with appearances on magazine TV shows as well as features in national magazines. Without their expertise  I could have still been the best kept secret."


Dr. Traci Williams

"PCPR did exactly what they said they'd do for my brand.  In one year our sales doubled via private events and promotions!"--


Benaleigh Designs 



"PCPR...Professional Classy Prompt and Responsible. For over 20 years this Company has been one of the keys to my Success. Beyond the work itself; the character of PCPR is trustworthily Refreshing. I look forward to the next 20 years with PCPR!"


Comedian, Broderick Rice

"I gave the PCPR team my wish list and they fulfilled at least 90% of my realistic wants!"--


Two2Tango Works 

"PCPR has been very instrumental in the planning of my upcoming book release and my foundation.  They are professional, passionate and they get the job done".

Darryl Clack, former NFL

Dallas Cowboy


"I've tried a few PR firms but this one stands out from the rest.  They're honest and use integrity in everyting they do." -- Joan Jackson, Author & Life Coach

"What I love most about the company is their integrity and honesty!"--Joan Jackson, Author, Life Coach




We'd love to hear from you!

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Rolling Out features Total Momentum

Ceasar Richbow & Mike Robinson

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