Hey Lady💋™ Creator Tania Richardson Inspires Women to Live Their Best Lives

Every successful entrepreneur starts from somewhere. When Hey Lady💋™ creator Tania Richardson embarks on an endeavor, she completes the mission. When she decided to join the army, she joined. When she wanted to be a commercial-actress, hard work and tough skin afforded her to land several gigs. When she was asked to join the Real Housewives of Atlanta franchise, after much thought, she graced the show with class for eight episodes. And when she decided she wanted to get into the insurance industry she buckled down, did the work, and opened the doors to a successful agency.

A leader who gets things done Richardson is always a step ahead thinking of the next venture. After COVID-19 hit I closed my insurance office, and my staff and I started working from home,” states Richardson. “This allowed me the time to sit still and brainstorm on how I would launch my new venture I had been thinking about for a while.”

Three years ago, she started pinning on Pinterest. Specifically, fashion and travel images. It did not take long for her pins to start getting noticed. When her Pinterest following hit 100k views per month, she knew she had something. However, she had not figured out a way to mesh everything together. “I knew that my next venture had to be something that represented my three loves—fashion, travel, and business,” states Richardson.

The venture also had to be something to inspire women. “Because I frequently search for content online, I am sensitive to a lack of information for women in my age group—forty plus,” says Richardson. “Not finding much content was the driving force for me to fill the void of advertisers catering less to women 40–55 years old.”

After much thought, amid COVID-19, Hey Lady💋™ was born. A lifestyle brand curated for women forty and over who has a passion for fashion, a love of travel, and an interest in owning or growing a business. The mission is to motivate, empower and encourage them to live their best lives.

But how does a busy serial entrepreneur have time to relax and pin on Pinterest? This passion started for Richardson when she was six years old. She would anxiously wait for the mail carrier to deliver her mom’s monthly issue of Essence Magazine. Before her mom could look at it, she was in her bedroom looking through the magazine in awe and cutting out her favorite designs and, well, literally pinning them on her wall.

From traditional print magazines to Pinterest, collecting fashion and travel has stayed with Richardson for years. It was a natural progression for her to launch Hey Lady💋™. Although some questioned the launch during a global outbreak of a disease from a new virus, this was “the perfect time” in her opinion.

The fact that Hey Lady💋™ spawned from the coronavirus pandemic speaks volumes of her faith, determination, focus, and willingness to succeed. “My journey and the trajectory for my life has been a leap of faith from the beginning to now,” she states.

The faith-centered serial entrepreneur’s goal is to encourage and empower women, period. She’s created a lifestyle that she adores and wants her followers, who she refers to as Lady Bugs, to be inspired to live a fulfilled life as well—To be adventurous and find their passion.

Hey Lady💋™ has many arms. Social media platforms to engage and build a community of women through storytelling through print and video content, great fashion finds and stylish pairings, inspirational quotes, contests, and interviews.