Do you need to talk to a communications professional to review your annual PR or communications plan or to help you create a campaign to gain awareness for your company, service or product? Are you having trouble getting the media to notice you?  Do you need help to get more publicity for your upcoming events? 


Our DIY-PR and Communications Strategy sessions cover everything from developing your own PR campaign, creating awareness for your brand, creating quality press releases, finding media, leveraging media placement, understanding your audience, effectively using social media, red carpet strategy, and more.

In our 2-hour sessions you will learn the following:

  • How to write an effective press release that gets noticed

  • How to get media placement for your product, brand, or service 

  • How to improve your social media pages

  • How to determine the best strategic methods for successful online campaigns

  • How to write an email pitch

  • How digital storytelling and branding is used to engage online customers

  • How to identify and attract influencers and ambassadors to further your brand

  • Engage influencers in its target market using mobile, social media, content marketing, and online video 

  • How to identify tools to measure social media and return on investment (ROI) success 

  • The importance of SEO 

  • How to grow website traffic that will convert


Anyone wanting to develop or improve their PR and Communications plan but cannot afford the services of a professional agency.



After your session, you'll get one week (7 days) of free email consulting that must be used within 1 month!







Price: $250.00 per 2-hour online session 



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